Friday, June 6, 2014

Serendipitous Learning

'Serendipity' photo (c) 2009, Eden, Janine and Jim - license: reward of serendipitous learning can be so...well, rewarding. It has been about a week since I looked at my Twitter feed. Luckily last night the first tweet I read was from Jan Hodge, Library Coordinator from Crowley ISD, and a new team member for #txlchat. She was participating in #moedchat, and I decided to lurk for a while and read what Missouri educators had to say about blogging. 

Linda Dougherty @ljdougherty tweeted a blog feeder that I was not familiar with.  Bloglovin works on my iPad, iPhone, and computer. Basically, you create a list of blogs that you want to read, and once a day you receive an email that gives links to the blogs that have been updated. While I've only been a member of this app for about an hour, but I love being able to look at all the updated blogs in one list on 3 different devices.  And the blog feeder is especially important to stay updated on those bloggers (like me) who don't see to post very often. 

I must confess. I also have an a Feedly account that I haven't used in a while. It seems a little more complicated, and I'm pretty sure there is no daily email reminder. Possibly I don't use Feedly because of the lack of the reminder. 

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