Sunday, August 11, 2013

Library Kind Bombing

How about a “library kind bomb”? Okay, I may need to explain what I mean about a “library kind bomb.” It’s a slip of paper slipped/hidden somewhere in a book that promotes the library in some way. For example, in social studies books you could include a link and the password to an appropriate database with an added note that you are always ready to help with their research needs. Or it might be a coupon for waved book fine or a free color copy. Or it might be a "if you like this book, then..." Or it might be "Smile. You've been kind bombed!" Actually kind bombing would be a fun activity for a Book Club.

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Textbook Woes

Textbook responsibilities can be a real drain on a librarian’s time, and I don’t know how the actual process is handled at your school. BUT if you and your team are physically handing the books to the kids, it is a super chance to make a personal connection with all the students and promote the library at the same time. Otherwise some of the kids may never come to the library during the year. :-(

By the way, the Lego Librarian is in set 10 of the mini legos. Although you probably can't read it, the coffee cup says SHHHHH!

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Nothin's New under the Sun

Several months ago, I was  cruising around the web reading blogs and tweets at random looking for inspiration for a project I had in mind. Sometime in the middle of my meandering, I jotted down two words on the back of an envelope and then used it as a bookmarker in a book I put back on the shelf. Today I discovered my treasure!
The words? Ideas Bandit. So what is an Ideas Bandit? An Ideas Bandit is someone who "steals" ideas or teaching strategies. Is there anyone among us who is not an Ideas Bandit? Isn't that the whole purpose of Pinterest? <grin>