Monday, June 30, 2014


In my last post, I talked about finding an app ( via my Twitter PLN that has really been a time saver. Now I've learned of another. It's TweechMe. What's so great about it? Well, it's a mobile app that works like Remind (aka Remind 101) except it sends automatic text messages to remind me of upcoming twitter chats. Although I've used TweechMe for just a short while, it is well worth the 99 cents it costs, and it's really convenient for those of us who tend to forget chats unless reminded. 

Besides the blogs listed on TweechMe, I think you will also be interested in Richard Byrne's 10 Twitter Chats Every Teacher Should Know.  

Friday, June 6, 2014

Serendipitous Learning

'Serendipity' photo (c) 2009, Eden, Janine and Jim - license: reward of serendipitous learning can be so...well, rewarding. It has been about a week since I looked at my Twitter feed. Luckily last night the first tweet I read was from Jan Hodge, Library Coordinator from Crowley ISD, and a new team member for #txlchat. She was participating in #moedchat, and I decided to lurk for a while and read what Missouri educators had to say about blogging. 

Linda Dougherty @ljdougherty tweeted a blog feeder that I was not familiar with.  Bloglovin works on my iPad, iPhone, and computer. Basically, you create a list of blogs that you want to read, and once a day you receive an email that gives links to the blogs that have been updated. While I've only been a member of this app for about an hour, but I love being able to look at all the updated blogs in one list on 3 different devices.  And the blog feeder is especially important to stay updated on those bloggers (like me) who don't see to post very often. 

I must confess. I also have an a Feedly account that I haven't used in a while. It seems a little more complicated, and I'm pretty sure there is no daily email reminder. Possibly I don't use Feedly because of the lack of the reminder.