Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Crush of the Day

We all have the same 24 hours a day, right? We all have too many things to cram into that 24 hours, right? We all read timesaver tips and promise ourselves we will be more organized and become a super librarian and significant other, right? 

We're supposed to continue our professional development and build our PLN by daily keeping up with Twitter, Facebook, email, and blogs, right? What happens? At least for me, my best laid plans are often forgotten in the rush/crush of the day. For example, right now I am supposed to be at the grocery store buying items for tonight's potluck dinner. But I made the mistake of checking my email before I left the house. Not the best plan. One thing led to another and here I sit mesmerized by what I've been reading.

Here's one of my new strategies. Recently I became a newly certified Symbaloo educator with a certificate and everything =). One of the requirements was to create a webmix that I could use and share. So,  I created a webmix for School Librarian Blogs. There are jillion blogs, but I focused on blogs that were librarian reflection and not librarian book reviews. Here is my shared webmix. Enjoy but don't get bogged down trying to read every one every day.

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